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We’ve found the perfect way to keep your pooch pleasantly occupied when you can’t give them your full attention: Nibbly BitzTM is a multi-textured dog treat that combines a variety of fun Crunchy Toppings with our all-natural Artisanal Peanut Butter.

Different Nibbly Bitz Mixes Flavors
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The perfect treat to keep your bestie calm & entertained

Simply spread the peanut butter over their favourite lick mat or treat toy (wooden spreading spoon included), then sprinkle on the delicious Bitz! Give it to your pet, and they’ll be locked in until they’ve licked up every last delicious morsel!

Nibbly Bitz Tail Mix Including Product

Only human grade ingredients –

no off-cuts, no chemicals, no filler.


recyclable packaging

Artisanal peanut butter

Nibbly Bitz™ sprinkles and artisanal peanut butter are made from quality, ALL NATURAL ingredients - 100% free from animal products, grains, gluten, and xylitol.

Each pack provides multiple servings, and comes with a secure, re-closable lid for on-the-go treating – no refrigeration needed!

Paw-sitive Packaging: our beautiful packaging is made from 85% recycled material to begin with, and is 100% recyclable when you are finished with it!

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